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We are a beauty and wellness entity whose mission is to make our clients feel great about themselves, inside and out, as we provide them with excellent pampering and relaxing experience under the highest standards of professionalism and quality service and care.

At the heart of this mission is our belief that everyone can BE MORE than what they feel and think they are. Hence, we also aim to empower our people to discover their greatest potentials through continuing experience and learning, so they can become expert beauty and wellness service providers and BE MORE. We seek to reach out to the community by providing an opportunity for our out of school youth, single mothers, and the disadvantaged to earn income and reach for their dreams of continuing their education and BE MORE.

In all that we do, we strive to GLORIFY GOD, CREATE HOPE, and BE MORE!

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By 2020, KathNails will be a top of mind beauty and wellness salon operating in major malls nationwide.

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Our Guiding Principles and Core Values

Everyone has innate goodness and great potential. Believe in your greatness, then you will shine and become more.

Beauty flows from within and it has to be felt before it meets the eye. Believe that you are special, then everyone will see that you are.

Success happens by the choices we make, not by the opportunities available to us. Create your own opportunities. This will lead you to success.

Life is fundamentally about wanting to become the best person we can be owning these values:

- Hardworking

- Determination and Patience

- Honesty and Integrity

- Passion

- Excellence and Proffesionalism

- Caring and Loving

- Joyful

Each one has a story to tell. Stories about their courage, about their passion and determination, about having and sharing hope, about being more in life. In KathNails, we strive to create hope to become more and glorify God.

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